Join A Dragon Sept

Unsure of what dragon sept is best suited for you? Take the sept quiz (note: opens a new screen).

For a limited time, the wyverns of the six dragon septs have graciously agreed to accept mortal members into their septs as honorary dragons. In that spirit, they have created membership kits which include:

* A welcome letter from the wyvern
* A sept membership card
* A temporary tattoo of the sept’s emblem
* Other assorted goodies as whimsy stirs the wyverns

In addition, you will be entered into the sept’s rolls as an honorary member, and as such, will be entitled to wear the Official Sept Emblem (see the dragon handbook for examples of sept emblems).

In order to facilitate memberships, you are asked to provide the following:

1. The name of the sept in which you desire membership (Green, Blue, Silver, Black, Red, or Light Sept.
2. Your name
3. The name you wish displayed on the membership card (if different)
4. Your mailing address
5. Your e-mail address
6. A self-addressed, stamped envelope with two first class stamps affixed (or 2 international reply coupons included for individuals overseas).

Collect everything together and pop it in the mail to:

Dragon Septs
c/o Katie MacAlister
PMB 312
SNOHOMISH, WA 98290-1742

Although every effort will be made to get the membership kits out in a timely manner, you are asked to practice patience in waiting for it to arrive. Wyverns do not like to be rushed, so frequent e-mails to them asking where in Abaddon your membership kit is will be likely to be met with narrowed dragon eyes and perhaps a wisp or two of smoke.