Join The Moravian Society

Although the Moravian Society has been around for over four hundred years, it has been more of protective organization than a governing body. Founded in the sixteenth century as a response to the growing attacks on Dark Ones by members of the Brotherhood of the Blessed Light (aka reapers), the Moravian Society has made its focus the safety and well-being of Dark Ones everywhere.

The governing council leads the society in their continued battle against the Brotherhood, taking both defensive and offensive methods to ensure that Dark Ones can live without fear of annihilation. The council is based in Vienna, Austria, and is lead by the chairman, C.J. Dante.

In addition, several operatives work under the council’s auspices to identify and incarcerate reapers found guilty of crimes against Dark Ones. Their identities are kept private for security reasons.

In addition to safeguarding its members, the Moravian Society also liases between other governing bodies of the Otherworld by means of diplomatic ambassadors. Currently, Moravian Society ambassadors are placed with the Akashic League, L’au-dela, and Court of Divine Blood. Due to an increasing number of Dark One creation by means of princes, negotiations with Abaddon for a diplomatic position are underway.

In an attempt to improve relations with the mortal world, the Moravian Society is now allowing a limited number of honorary memberships to mortal beings who are deemed worthy of such an honor. Interested persons are encouraged to submit a notice of application, as detailed below.


Honorary membership will be available starting August 2008, and is limited to those of mortal bearing. To apply for membership, please provide the following:

  1. Your Name
  2. The name you wish displayed on the membership card (if different)
  3. Your mailing address
  4. Your e-mail address (just in case the registrar has a question)
  5. A self-addressed, stamped envelope bearing sufficient postage for either a small amount of items (one first class stamp), or a heftier packet with as many bookmarks, bookplates, book cards, and other miscellaneous items as can be stuffed into the envelope (two first class stamps usually do the job there). Overseas and Canadian applicants please supply international reply coupons in appropriate amounts.

Mail your application and SASE to:

Moravian Society
c/o Katie MacAlister
PMB 312
SNOHOMISH, WA 98290-1742

Mail is collected approximately once a month and sent to the registrar, who wishes to remind all potential applicants that there may be a slight delay in the processing of applications due to the screening process to weed out potential non-mortal beings.