Katie MacAlister

Young Adult

Emily Series, Books 1-3: The Art of Being Emily
Emily Series, Book 4: The Taming of the Dru
Emily Series, Book 5: Life, Love and the Pursuit of Hotties
Eyeliner of the Gods

Emily Series, Books 1-3

Emily Series, Book 4

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Hotties

Emily Series, Book 5

The Illustrated Otherworld

A Katie MacAlister Coloring Book




Ain’t Myth-Behaving


Once Upon a Dragon Moon

Dragon Falls, Book 4
including Dragon Unbound and The Perils of Effrijim

Emily Series, Books 1-3

Perils of Effrijim

including The Perils of Effrijim and Cat Got Your Tongue

Here's the Deal: F**k Everything!

Confessions of a Vampire’s Girlfriend

Dark Ones, part of the series
including Got Fangs? and Circus of the Darned

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