The Vampire Always Rises

Dark Ones, 
Keeper Shelf Books
April 25, 2017

Who’d have thought a vampire could make life so difficult?

Tempest Keye is a woman out of time. Literally. Freshly emerged from her life in an extreme religious cult, Tempest has a bucket list of things she wants to accomplish, and at the top of that list is to meet a real live vampire. It’s just a shame that the one she finds doesn’t seem to understand how the whole Dark Ones thing works.

Merrick Simon is running out of time. Seeking vengeance, Merrick and his fellow Four Horsemen search the world over for the group who are bent on using Dark Ones for their own gain. When Tempest might have the connection he needs to end the threat once and for all, he draws a line…although she drives him to near madness with her quirky take on life, he’d move heaven and earth to keep her safe.