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Midnight in the Garden of Meh and Okay

Midnight in the Garden of Okay and Meh

Otherworld Adventure, Book 4

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Fat Cat Books (July 16, 2024)
ISBN-13: 9781960118233 • ISBN-10: 1960118234

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It’s coming…


The story of Jim’s parents, and what they have to do with the ongoing problems for the dragons and vampires, is almost nigh. In fact, it *is* nigh in my shop, but won’t be out elsewhere until 16 July. Read more about the book.

Jim’s Parents


If you recall from YOU SLEIGH ME there was a mingling of minds with dragons, vamps, and polters all meeting and promising help for the two biggest problems facing the Otherworld (the vampire thanes and the dragons’ issue with the evil Xavier).

The next Otherworld Adventure will be out in July, and furthers the issues with both thanes and Xavier, but more importantly, introduces Jim’s parents. THE GARDEN OF OKAY AND MEH will bring back a handful of dragons (and Jim), vampires, and polters, as well as a few new characters.

Updated Printable Booklist!

I’ve updated the PRINTABLE BOOK LIST with two of the new releases not yet out (and also tidied up the list in general), so if you are wondering if you’re missing a book–or what order they can be read in–you’ll have all the info you need.

Happy Emily To You All!

After (literally) twenty years, Emily has returned with an update not only on her life now that she’s a thirty-something, but also provides a look at Iain and Kathie (from MEN IN KILTS), and Amy and Corbin (from BLOW ME DOWN), as well as my favorite, Emily’s dad Brother.

Catch them all in TELL THEM EMILY SENT YOU.

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