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Sidekick Shout-out #1

Once a month I hope to do a shout-out to a secondary character. This month, I’ve chosen the most recent of sidekicks, MacKenzie Fitzwilliam from Enthralled.
I’ll be honest with you–Mac was born out of my love for Kate McKinnon, especially as seen in her role in the female version of Ghostbusters. Her mad scientist so delighted me that I knew I had to blight Jenna with a character that reminded me of McKinnon, a woman who was wholly supportive, but who lived for her science. And was also a bit heedless…and adventurous…and pretty much completely without boundaries.
Mac delighted me from the very start, since I could imbue her with all the wackiness that balanced out Jenna’s angst and Keeley’s darkness. The fact that she ended up with a small herd of devoted sexual partners never once surprised me, nor did the fact that she fully expected to go wherever Jenna went with Keeley. For that matter, it didn’t strike Jenna as odd that Mac would accompany them to their new home. Only Keeley had a few minutes wondering why he ended up with a Beloved who wasn’t a Beloved, her eccentric and sometimes dangerous sidekick, and a small harem of devoted followers, but he soon figured out that where Jenna went, there wenteth Mac.
What do you think about main protagonists having sidekicks? Do you dive fully into those relationships, or do you give them a firm side eye?

It’s that time again!

I’m writing like the wind on the blue dragon book. In the mean time, enjoy the glory that is my 2022 writing calendar

Recovers are a-comin’!

Recently, I started thinking about doing some special edition print versions of the Dark Ones series. I ordered a couple of books to see how they would resonate with people, and fell so deeply in love with them that I immediately asked the cover designer to do three more, with the ultimate plan of re-covering all the vamp books to which I have the rights back.

Just an FYI in case you wonder what happened to the older covers!

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