Katie MacAlister

Tell Them Emily Sent You

Tell Them Emily Sent You

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Fat Cat Books (December 19, 2023)
ISBN-13: 9781960118103 • ISBN-10: 1960118102

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A missing father. A hotel filled with ghost hunters. A renegade pigeon in a cowboy outfit. Sounds like the makings of a perfect wedding! 

All Emily Williams wanted was a simple, unremarkable wedding, one in which a few family members could share the day. What she ended up with was something completely unexpected. With her aunt and uncle-by-marriage (Kathie and Iain from MEN IN KILTS), her parents Brother and Chris (from the Emily series), and newfound friends Amy and Corbin (from BLOW ME DOWN), Emily figured all would be well.

She so should have known better.

Hiding a fugitive pigeon named Herbert is only one of Emily’s worries, but all her plans go pear-shaped when the police, a particularly odd group of thieves, and viral filmmakers threaten to turn her simple wedding into maddening chaos.

Catch up to date with Emily, Fang, and all the others in this Everything Is Fine! series story that brings together beloved characters from MEN IN KILTS, BLOW ME DOWN, and the Emily series.

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