Katie MacAlister



A Billionaire Marriage Club Short

Billionaire Marriage Club, Book 1

  • Who would have thought so many billionaires need help finding love?

    That’s where the Billionaire Marriage Club comes in. With lots of spice, quirky characters, and laughs, this fast, fun, and oh-so-sexy short story will steam your socks, and have you falling for the men who may look like they have it all, but really need the one woman perfect for them.

    Martin is drop-dead handsome, possesses a wicked sense of humor, and has to pry women off him with a spatula, but he only has eyes for the woman he encounters when he goes jogging. It’s just a shame she doesn’t seem to know he’s alive.

    Samantha is convinced that her curvy self is a turn-off for all potential love interests. When she finds out the man she’s secretly longed for is seeking someone to save him from constantly being pursued for his sexy self, she’s more than happy to take on the job. But will he want her when he could have someone who isn’t quite so BBW?

    RESPECT is a short, sexy, romantic comedy that will take you away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. With a happily-ever-after and no cliffhangers, this is the perfect escape read!

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