Katie MacAlister

Dragon Revisited

Dragon Revisited

Otherworld Adventure, Book 2

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Fat Cat Books (September 26, 2023)
ISBN-13: 9781960118066 • ISBN-10: 1960118064

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A dragon with a past full of secrets.
A woman who is the literal definition of a fated mate.
And an irreverent demon in Newfoundland form with a serious Candy Crush addiction.

Handsome, erudite, and sexy-as-sin Drake Vireo may look human, but he’s a dragon through and through. One known for his prowess with the ladies…especially when enjoyed in multiples. Despite loudly proclaiming the fact that no woman could hold his attention for long, he falls hard when a curly-haired, unconventional Guardian named Aisling Grey marches into his life, and demands he be the savior she needs.

Drake’s no hero, however, and although their connection is unmistakeable, Aisling leaves him feeling unbalanced. If only he could dismiss her from his life…as well as the chaos that seems to follow along. If only she realized that being his mate was far more important than anything else. If only he truly believed he could live without Aisling…

Take a deep dive into the dubious past of the sexiest green dragon around, and the woman who lit him on fire.

Filled with Easter eggs sure to delight fans of the Aisling Grey, Guardian series, this Otherworld Adventure novella takes readers through time to Drake’s past, and forward through the events of You Slay Me, and into the few weeks following.

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