Katie MacAlister

Midnight in the Garden of Okay and Meh

Midnight in the Garden of Okay and Meh

Otherworld Adventure, book 5

When the demigod who created what people think of as hell runs across the woman leading the opposition, you’d think sparks would fly…and you’d be right. But tangled up in their centuries’ long love story is a threat that rises to destroy them both…and their child, a demon in Newfoundland dog form named Jim.

Handsome, incredibly charming, and possessor of an amulet that gives him control over Abaddon – what mortals think of as Hell – Desislav the Destroyer is thrilled when a feisty, tempting woman saves him from death…until she informs him they will soon be having a child. Then every single one of Desi’s worst nightmares comes to fruition, and he’s left with a devastating choice that means the destruction of everything he knows…and worse, everyone he loves.

Parisi may think she’s got a firm grip on life, especially in controlling the Court of Divine Blood (AKA Heaven to the mortals), but when she tries to convince Desi they have nothing to worry about, she soon realizes just how grave is the peril that darkens her future. Although tragedy strikes and she has to leave both her newborn and the man she loves beyond life itself, she is content that Desi will somehow find her and make all right.

When Jim reveals the truth about his parents, the dragons and vampires make plans to help reunite them in return for a little help with an ancient threat to the mortal and immortal worlds alike. But as is the way of all good plans, events don’t progress as envisioned, leaving the world with two extremely powerful new enemies, and it’s up to Jim, Aisling, and the others to try to keep an Otherworld apocalypse from leveling them all.

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