Katie MacAlister

So, let’s talk about change. Many people dislike change because…well, who knows if the change will turn out for the best?

I’ve been hesitant for the last two years to make major changes to my business model, but I’ve finally decided to stop fearing the worst, and instead view change as an adventure. Will the changes I have planned thrill everyone to bits and pieces, or will you all glare at me and mutter rude things in Latin? We won’t know until we try, right?

What’s the big deal, you’re wondering? It’s two-fold:

  • a new online store (no more Etsy shop) that sells both e-books and print books
  • an exclusive reader group on my website

Why a new shop? I’m trying to improve my readers’ experience by offering special sales, discounts, bundles, and exclusive items not available anywhere else. I can’t do most of that on Amazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo, etc. and STILL make sure the reader–you–has the best time possible. The new shop is in the process of being created, but once it’s live, I’ll let you know.

On to the exclusive reader group…if you’re looking at that and murmuring to yourself, “She’s finally getting that forum going,” you are absolutely correct! I have been dying to talk to everyone about the books, specifically Jim and Drake’s stories.

Do you want to talk about Jim’s parents? I sure do, because I’m seriously thinking about writing a story for them.
How about chatting about the Easter eggs in Jim’s story, Aisling’s connection to Jim’s bestie, his dealings with certain power-suit-wearing demon lords, and so many other things!
We can’t do that on Facebook without potentially spoiling the story for others, but we can make special spoiler discussions in the new reader group.

Like the shop, it’s still in the process of being created, but my goal is to have it up and functioning in a week. Fingers crossed that happens, because I have SO MUCH TO SAY about Jim. And Drake. And how Jim’s dad has a tie to…but no, I’ll save that talk for when the reader group is up. I hope you join me in embracing these changes. It’ll be less scary together, right?

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