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The Born Prophecy Collection

The Born Prophecy Collection

Born Prophecy, Book 4

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Fat Cat Books (July 21, 2023)

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One world torn apart by warring races.
Two goddesses who swore to protect all.
Three unlikely heroes who must fight when all hope is lost.

From New York Times bestselling author Katie MacAlister comes a fast, fun fantasy collection with the first three books in the Born Prophesy series.

Allegria is a simple priestess devoted to worship of the sun goddess. Hallow is a masterless apprentice. Deo was meant to save the world and bring peace.
But then invaders beseiged the land, breaking the prophecy. Now Allegria has fled the priesthood, and wields the power of the sun. Hallow accepts the mantle of leadership he so long avoided. And Deo is tormented and tortured by the power of the invaders, using chaos itself to create an army that will drive the interlopers from the land, and bring about the peace of the Fourth Age.

The prophecy of peace appears to have come true on Alba. But a new battle is brewing, and for Allegria, Fireborn lightweaver, and her Starborn lover Hallow, it means saving more than worlds – Deo must be rescued from the shadowlands of Eris if they want any hope of a future.
As the bonds of friendship are threatened and the courage of three heroes challenged, the fate of Alba teeters on the edge of oblivion.

When a brutal god inadvertantly released sets his wrath upon the blessed lands of Alba, only three heroes stand a chance of stopping him. Fireborn Allegria, with her ability to harness the power of light; her Starborn lover Hallow, who leads the society of arcanists; and Deo, a warrior born of both worlds. . .
But the circle of friendship is broken when Allegria is kidnapped and imprisoned in the spirit world of vengeful rival. The ultimate battle between good and evil is breaking, and Hallow and Deo need Allegria to win it. Summoning the strength they have left, they must find her. But even then, how can they can achieve the impossible? Only the untried power of their joined magics can save the Fourth Age.

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