Katie MacAlister
They’re baaaaaaack. In a limited quantity, and I’m not sure if I will be able to get more (my bookstore connection said the distributor couldn’t fill the original order I wanted, so I ended up with 50 of the little buggers).
Also, you guys have been shopping! There are a couple of books that I restocked yesterday that are almost sold out, so I’m putting in another order.
Here are the books that are either sold out, or very close to selling out, and for which I’ve placed an order, so they should be restocked in a couple of weeks:
  • Blow Me Down
  • The Vampire Always Rises
  • Me and My Shadow
  • Ghost of a Chance
  • Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang (this should be here tomorrow)
  • Up in Smoke
  • Dragonblight
  • Confessions of a Vampire’s Girlfriend
  • A Midsummer Night’s Romp
  • The Art of Stealing Time
  • and Dragon Unbound.
I’m going to get a new cover for Hard Day’s Knight, and once I do that, I’ll get some of those in stock, as well.

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