Katie MacAlister

Your “Help Katie Decide” question of the week:

Jim’s You Slay Me-related short story is off with Editor Laura. Yay!
Drake’s You Slay Me-related short story is about at the halfway point. With luck, I’ll have it done later this week. It will *likely* be longer than Jim’s story simply because there’s more to explore with Drake & Aisling. It will, however, remain a short story.

I’m waffling on what to write next. I could move on to the next Aisling book and write Jim and Drake stories for it, or I could write a short for a different series altogether.

What short would you like to see next? Things that I’ve thought about:
A short devoted to Aisling (i.e. in between You Slay Me and Fire Me Up)
Shorts for all of the standalones (Men in Kilts, Corset Diaries, etc.)
Shorts for Time Thief series
Shorts for the first five or six vamp books (I can’t remember when I started adding in the hero’s point of view, but it was somewhere around there. I think. I’ll have to look…)
Shorts for any of other bazillion books I have.

Yes, the short stories will be collect into a print anthology, so you will be able to get it in print. And we’ll offer the stories to my German publishers, in case they want to pick them up. Likewise, once I have enough stories collected, I will offer the anthology to the audio publishers.

With all that, drop me an e-mail or hit contact and let me know what short you’d like to see me write next.

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