Katie MacAlister

School in the Time of the Plague

School in the Time of the Plague

A Parent Planner and Keepsake

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    Bee & Moon (August 12, 2020)
    ISBN-13: 9781952737169 • ISBN-10: 1952737168

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    Even in the time of the black plague, people found ways to educate and entertain their children. School in the Time of the Plague celebrates that resilience and spirit by offering its own tongue-in-cheek method of staying sane when faced with the unknown.

    Inside are forty weeks’ worth of planning pages (enough for an academic year) to keep track of everything important in your child’s scholarly life. School in the Time of the Plague offers more than a few scribbled sticky notes or a generic weekly grid – it gives parents the organizational tools that are needed today, as well as a place to jot down the highs and lows of daily existence in these crazy times. Don’t let yourself be thrown onto the cart – instead, emerge triumphant over the chaos surrounding your child’s schooling.

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