Katie MacAlister

The Year My Life Went Down the Loo

The Year My Life Went Down the Loo

YOLO, Book 1

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    REPRINT: December 11, 2023

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    When sixteen-year-old Emily’s family uproots her from Seattle to England right before her junior year, she has to adjust to a whole new lingo, new friends, and a serious lack of coolness. Luckily, hunkalicious British boys do exist!

    Things That Really Irk My Pickle About Living in England
    1. The school uniform Piddlington-on-the-weld (I will forever be known as Emily from Piddlesville.)
    2. Marmite (It’s yeast sludge! GACK!)
    3. The ghost in my underwear drawer (Spectral hands fondling my bras — enough said!)
    4. No malls! What are these people thinking???

    Things That Keep Me From Flying Home to Seattle for Good Coffee
    1. Holly (Any girl who hunts movie stars with me—and Oded Fehr will be mine—is a friend for life.)
    2. Aidan (Hunkalicious!)
    3. Devon (Droolworthy? Understatement of the year!)
    4. Fang (He puts the num in nummy!)
    5. Über-coolio Polo Club (Where the snogging is FINE!)

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