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Ivo, Finch, and early Christian

The preorders for DESPERATELY SEEKING VAMPIRE, a GIRL’S GUIDE TO VAMPIRES prequel novella are going up now, and should take a day or two before they are fully available. And since it’s taken me forever to get the back cover copy written, here it is:

And you thought your emo teenage poetry was bad…

When tarot reader Minerva finds herself in a foreign country without friends or money, and hunted by a pair of thief takers, the last thing she expects to find is a near dead vampire. A familiar near dead vampire.

Ivo Zeman thought he found the love of his life on a battlefield in 1916–just after he’d been blown apart. But then the woman disappeared, sending him into a spiral of despair and hopelessness that lasted more than eighty years.

When he finally finds her again, she’s thrown into peril by a madman, and Ivo must think fast or else he’ll lose her a second time. Tarot readings, a malicious thief, some of the worst poetry you will ever read, and the wrath of a powerful enemy…can Ivo save his love in time, or will fate destroy their last hope for a future together?

Day One: Bastian Book Party

There’s been a slight change in the schedule of Bastian’s Book Party: this week, Monday through Friday, I’ll do a deep dive into the four Aisling books, and the Jim novella. Starting next week, we’ll do one dragon book per week, which should land us right on the publication date of YOU SLEIGH ME, the Christmas novella.

Sound good? You can find day one’s goodies at the official party page: https://katiemacalister.com/bastian-book-party-central/

The Book Peeps Have Been Asking Me To Write For Years

Seriously, it’s been more than fifteen years since the first person asked when I would write a book that had both dragons and vampires in it. Well, I finally worked out a story that had both, without one group being subservient to the other. And I stuffed it with Christmas joy, and Jim…and then named it YOU SLEIGH ME because I have a warped sense of humor.

It should be out in early October, so get ready!

Enthralled Audio!

I’m pleased to announce that the audiobook version of Enthralled is out today! I can’t wait to hear it. 🙂

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