Katie MacAlister


Enthralled pre-order!

Enthralled is now up for preorder! As the vendors populate, I will be adding them into the store. The print copy is in production, and hopefully will be available soon. We’re also working on getting an audio version made, so stay tuned for news of that.

Monday on a Tuesday

  • Settle down to write blue dragons after time off to edit vampires: check.
  • Realize there is still plotting to be done: check
  • Load up plotting spreadsheet: check
  • Immediately decide to go meal prep a bunch of English muffin pizzas, and get them in the freezer: oh hell yes.
Procrastination, thy name is Katie.

Week One of Thirteen Weeks of Vampires

Newsletter is off! It’s freakin’ huge because it includes a deep look at both Girl’s Guide and Sex and the Single Vamp (including the latter’s tie to the dragons).
You MUST be a subscriber to be in the pool for the pen contest each week, but if you just want to read the contents, you can find it here: https://preview.mailerlite.com/n4v6z4

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